Bolot Bairyshev and fellow musicians from the Sayan-Altay region perform the song Khongoroy, Abakan, February 11th, 2012

On February 11th, 2012 Bolot Bairyshev from Altay called at Abakan in the context of his jubilee tour. Musicians from all over the Sayan-Altay region participated in the concert. Together they performed Khongoroy, ‘as a hymn and symbol of the united peoples of Sayan-Altay' (Sibdey Tom). ‘Khongoroy’, a historical name for the northern Sayan-Altay region is heavily being promoted by Khakas ethnographer Viktor Butanaev and is becoming increasingly popular in recent years to break the boundaries between the administratively separated autonomous republics and regions.
Music and text traditional, adapted by Slava Kuchenov. Performed by Bolot Bairyshev, Emil Terkishev, and Aleksey Chichakov (Altay); Vyacheslav Kuchenov, Ensemble Ülger, Aleksandr Samozhikov, Stesha Samozhikova, Yevgeniy Ulugbashev, and German Tanbaev (Khakassia); Sam Ayan-Ool and other musicians (Tuva). Recorded by Sibdey Tom, 2012.
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Madina Suleymenova playing zhetigen at Hotel Oasis, Astana, Kazakhstan, October 2011

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Madina Suleymenova, a student of Kazakh musician and teacher Yedil Husainov, was the first to graduate in zhetigen, last summer at the Almaty Conservatoire. Here she plays a Kazakh composition she put to the zither herself. The zhetigen was re-introduced into Kazakhstan around the millennium by Yedil, who commissioned the first exemplars with Khakas instrument builder Sergey Charkov. The instrument Madina is playing is inspired by Sergey Charkov ones but substantially altered by a Kazakh master in order to comply with the characteristics of Kazakh music. Recorded by Liesbet Nyssen.
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Music instrument builder Pyotr Topoev about his profession, Izenner 2011?

Izenner broadcast about Pyotr Ya. Topoev, instrument builder in Abakan.
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Yevgeniy Ulugbashev performing Alïp khan (Hero Khan) with Khakas Symphony Orchestra, Cannes, 2011

In August 2011, Yevgeniy Ulugbashev performed his composition Alïp khan (Hero Khan) in a setting for orchestra, with the Symphony Orchestra of the Khakas Republican Filarmonia at a festival in Cannes (France). Arrangement for orchestra (2010), based on Yevgeniy Ulugbashev's composition Alïp khan (2000s), which is in turn based on a Khakas epic by Semyon Kadïshev (1970s). Performed by Yevgeniy Ulugbashev, khay and chatkhan, and the Symphony Orchestra of the Khakas Republican Filarmonia.

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Sound track of Nömadak tx trail reused in promotion trailer for Sayan Ring Festival 2011

Nömadak tx is a musical road movie (2006) featuring Basque musicians Harkaitz Mtnez. de San Vicente and Igor Otxoa, while meeting musicians in India, Northern Scandinavia, Morocco, and Mongolia. In Mongolia, apart from working with Mongolian musicians they also involved Khakas musicians from Ensemble Aylanïs who happened to be around in Ulaanbaatar. For the promotion trail the Basque musicians mixed music encounters with various musicians. Mongolia is visually represented by the Khakas musicians, while the throat singing stems from Mongolian duo Altai-Hangai. The producers of the Sayan Ring Festival in turn used the sound track to promote their 2011 festival, replacing the video track with one that features musicians who participated in their earlier festivals. Thus they replaced Khakas music group Aylanïs for Khakas music group Ülger, quite insulting to the Aylanïs musicians who first saw their throat-singing replaced by Mongolian throat-singing and successively got erased visually, in favor of Khakas rival group Ülger. What makes it the more unpleasant is that the Sayan Ring Festival takes place at a stone's throw from Khakassia.

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Ensemble Ülger, Khomïzïm (My khomïs lute) and Sïbïr chir üstü (The whole world), Abakan Town’s Day, August 2010

Music and text by Vyacheslav Kuchenov, artistic director of the group. Recorded by Sibdey Tom.

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Ethno-group Otamay performing Aydïm tider, Krasnoyarsk, 2009

Arrangement of a common Khakas folk song by ethno-group Otamay. Otamay is a Khakas-Russian music group from Krasnoyarsk which performs Khakas, Altay, and Tuvan folk songs in modern arrangement. The group consists of Vika Chebodaeva, vocals; Vanya Abdulin, percussion; Maksim Minin, acoustic guitar; and Egor Sukhov, bass. Studio performance recorded by Krasnoyarsk TV, 2009.

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Sabjïlar performing Püür sïïdï (Wolf’s lament), Sayanogorsk 2002

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Music and text by Vyacheslav Kuchenov; performed by Vyacheslav Kuchenov, khay and chatkhan; Sergey Charkov, sïïlas; Anna Burnakova, tüür. Recorded by Liesbet Nyssen at 9th School in Sayanogorsk, April 20th, 2002.

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Estrada-ensemble Khayjï performing Khakasiya, Salbïk Kurgan, 1980s

Music by German Tanbaev, text by Valeriy Maynagashev. Performed by German Tanbaev, voice and electric guitar, and unidentified musicians, voice, chatkhan, bass, percussion. Recorded by Khakas Television, 1980s.

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